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Altaj Crown 100% Spanish Saffron 1oz (28.30 Grams)




Product Description

Saffron is the golden stigma of the purple fall crocus flower, and it is the world’s most expensive spice. The value of this spice is derived from the fact that it is such a labor-intensive crop.

Only five to seven pounds of saffron can be produced from an entire acre of land. The flavor of saffron, however, is very concentrated.

  • One gram of saffron is enough to flavor forty servings of saffron rice or two large batches of paella. Our genuine Spanish saffron comes in a decorative tin.

It is an effective stimulant and digestive, increasing the flow of saliva and digestive juices. Maximizing the flavor involves infusing a couple threads in a spoonful of hot milk or water for five minutes.


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