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Manna Kodo Millet (Kodri) 1kg




Product Description

Manna Unpolished Ethnic Millets revive an age-old, wise, healthy eating option millets. Millets are one of the oldest of human foods, dating back 7000 years. Few decades back people ate more millets than rice.

Now modern science is rediscovering the health promoting properties of millets. So making Manna Millets your staple food is a sensible and healthy decision.

Unlike other millets in the market, Manna millets are unpolished to ensure nutrient density. Manna Millets are rich in dietary fiber and nutrients like iron, zinc and B vitamins.

Manna is proud to promote traditional and ethnic cooking and eating habits and is committed to working towards making healthy eating choices a habit. So bring back age old wisdom to your home with Manna Ethnic Millets.


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