Girnar Ginger Chai Instant Tea Premix (10 Sachet Pack)



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Girnar Ginger Chai Instant Tea Premix​ Ever wanted to have tea that is both refreshing & has health benefits. This tea contains the benefits of anti-oxidants from tea with the health benefits and warming effects of ginger. It’s a fabulous combination and a perfect start for a day.
Next time you’re looking for-something different from the standard teas you’ve sipped, try some ginger tea to find out just how much it can do for you. It gives a calming feeling of freshness. So add a bit of it to your daily diet and pep up your life!!
100% Natural And Gluten Free Girnar Tea premix range is made using 100% Natural ingredients. No added Preservatives and artificial coloring used. All Girnar tea premixes are Gluten Free. How to Prepare Empty contents of sachet in a cupAdd 6 to 7 Oz of Hot (Not Boiling) Water. Stir Well to Enjoy Girnar InstantTea.
  • Authentic Indian Chai Spiced with Ginger
  • Pack of 10 sachets
  • All-natural ingredients. No preservatives and food additives
  • Hygienically processed and packed
  • Easy to prepare – empty the sachet in a mug, add 6-7 oz hot water, stir and savor it


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