Mysore Sandal Baby Soap 75gm (Pack of 4)


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Product Description

Made for the sensitive skin of babies, Mysore Sandal Baby Soap is enriched with natural oils of sandalwood & almond to provide the tenderest of care for baby’s delicate skin. Gentle, sophisticated and natural, this sandal baby soap has proven to be gentle in cleaning the skin without irritating or drying it. This soap is created with your baby in mind; this soap is endowed with antiseptic properties. Formulated with special care for infants, it is enriched with moisturizer and almond oil. Mysore Sandal Baby Soap keeps the skin blemish-free and lessens the chances of a nappy rash.

Ingredients: Sodium palmitate, Stearate, Oleate & Laurate, Water, Glycerine, Sodium chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Tetra sodium EDTA, Perfume and Almond oil.


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