Polo Mint Rolls (Pack of 4)


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Polo Original mints can be enjoyed, Made with real peppermint oil.

It’s said that the name POLO derives from the word ‘Polar’, in reference to the cool, refreshing taste of the mint.

However, apart from the iconic shape of the sweet, POLO is best known for ‘The mint with the hole’, advertising slogan which has been with the brand since launch, and has been used across many well loved advertising campaigns through the years.

It is no surprise ‘the mint with the hole’ is a part of British culture, considering POLOS were born just after the second world war in 1948 and first aired on TV in 1955, the very first year of commercial television advertising.

POLO mints are produced in the city of York in the North of England and have been since they were launched by Rowntree’s in 1948.

The POLO family includes Original, Spearmint, Sugar Free, Sugar Free Extra Strong and Fruits. All POLO mints are flavoured with natural mint oils to refresh your breath on the go.


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